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Nike 45 Grand

Nike 45 Grand

45 Grand is an exclusive invite only Nike fitness studio for and VIP guests and influencers. The brief required that the physical design of the space support an elevated level of customer service and guest amenities. The spatial solution was a "box with a box" that highlighted the juxtaposition between the raw existing warehouse space and the highly refined fitness studio. In order to maximize the open floor area and provide necessary amenities within close reach, thickened walls and clever pull-out carts house all fitness gear. A custom ceiling light fixture adds additional drama and functional lighting to the space.

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Project Details

Client: Nike NABD
Concept and Design: Office CY and WSDIA
Creative Director:
Byron Merritt, Nike NABD
John Moon, Nike NABD
Project Manager:
Jennifer Hartwell, Nike NABD
Renders: AS-17