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Amazon Retail System

Amazon Retail System

Starting from the smallest retail footprint of 1' and working outwards, we created a systematic design language made up of repeatable component parts that create a unified brand experience for customers and a flexible design system for retailers.

The full depth and breadth of the system enables our retail fixture to scale, adapt, and configure itself across different environments, technology considerations, and desired customer experiences.

By putting Alexa at the center of the experience and leaning into its personality, we create an engaging system that stands out and draws people in. Spending time at an individual station, customers can learn more about Alexa, interact with Alexa-enabled devices, and easily compare devices that interest them.

At 10’

Create an approachable physical environment that attracts customers and takes them on a personalized path to purchase.

At 3'

Show (don’t tell) the benefits of ownership, engaging customers with unexpected voice solutions to illustrate what Alexa can bring to people’s lives.

At 1’

Address key barriers, explaining which devices are right, how easy it is to get started, and how to use them effectively.

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Initial concept renderings

Project Details

Physical Design: Corey Yurkovich
Digital Design: Work & Co
Fabrication: Design Phase