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Hart Bageri

Hart Bageri

Together with his international team, Richard Hart has created his take on the local neighborhood bakery. Drawing inspiration and influences from around the world, the menu reflects the varied upbringing and travels of the Hart team, as well as the traditions of their newfound home here in Denmark. Hart was developed by Richard in partnership with René Redzepi, founder and owner of the acclaimed restaurant noma, and members of the business’ leadership team including Ben Liebmann and Peter Kreiner.

Following the spirit of the brand strategy and visual identity developed by Gretel, we sought to extend and interpret the core idea of “heart and soul” into the design of the physical space itself.

For a bakery that favors intuition over standard measurements, building community over quick transactions, as well as humility and passionate craft over casual baking, we needed to accentuate the warmth, spirit, and down to earth charms of the Hart brand values and philosophy. Outside-in, its heart and soul are made visible by hand, with hand-troweled cement stucco walls and a hand-painted exterior sign that welcomes visitors upon arrival. Hard-wearing, unfussy materials are designed to break-in over time, rather than wear-out with use. We prioritized the honest, familiar and comfortable, but with a contemporary twist.

The space is meant to surprise visitors with clean, contemporary detailing and lighting to complement the traditional Danish elements that make it feel local. Inviting yet unconventional, grounded yet modern, customers are encouraged to connect: with the staff, the space, and most importantly, the breads. With unique features like a large opening into the team's shaping room and bread oven, as well as direct view into the proofing chamber, we created an environment that brings people and the process of baking closer together.

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Project Details

Design: Office CY and Gretel
Photography: Ditte Isager
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark