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Marfa Yurt

Marfa Yurt

Prized as much for its inventive design and construction as it is for the quality of space it creates, the yurt is a link to the ancient past and nomadic cultures of the present. This project uses the yurt as the centerpiece of a unique living experience. Carefully planned design elements create a camping-like atmosphere while still providing amenities such as an indoor toilet, shower, kitchen, washer, and dryer.

The yurt sits on a triangular deck raised slightly above the ground. The triangular form of the deck creates three zones that each support a different outdoor program: grilling, lounging, and an outdoor shower. Visitors can move freely around the deck to access any of the spaces.

Inside the yurt, a skylight oculus illuminates the space and visually anchors the interior.
A T-shaped fixture partitions the space into 3 zones: living lounge, bathroom, and kitchen. The fixture is made of prefabricated modular components assembled on site and is purposefully set away from the exterior curved wall and ceiling in order to preserve the yurt as the primary design element. A clever tray at the top of the T-shaped fixture is designed to route and connect power and water throughout the space. The tray edge also incorporates sliding door hardware and anchor points to mount vertical fixture rails that supply service to the shower, sink, toilet, and kitchen.

A central fireplace is set inside a niche near the oculus. Guests can enjoy the fire, look up at the stars, and perhaps contemplate the generations of nomads who have done the same thing, or, simply pass time reading a good book. Luckily, there is plenty of firewood to do both.

Project Details

Design: Corey Yurkovich
Location: Marfa, TX