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Nike 45 Grand

Nike 45 Grand

Reserved for VIP guests and a roster of influencers, Nike’s 45 Grand transforms an old warehouse into both a fitness studio and rarified space.

For this exclusive, invite-only destination for the athletically inclined, we were asked to complement the elevated levels of customer service and guest amenities with an equally refined physical design.

Our solution was a “box within a box”, which created a striking juxtaposition between the outer rawness of the warehouse and the inner elegance of the workout space. Sleek, spacious and spare, we maximized floor area while keeping equipment accessible by concealing pull-out carts behind thickened the walls. And to create drama and atmosphere, we added custom light fixtures that radiate across the ceiling.

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Project Details

Client: Nike NABD
Concept and Design: Corey Yurkovich and WSDIA
Creative Director:
Byron Merritt, Nike NABD
John Moon, Nike NABD
Project Manager:
Jennifer Hartwell, Nike NABD
Renders: AS-17