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Nike’s New York Headquarters opened on Avenue of the Americas in 2017. Nestled within this six-story workspace are custom designed bleachers and a large bark wall that pay homage to Nike’s home and history.

Inspired by basketball nets and the chain link fences that surround New York City’s courts, we envisioned the bleachers as both a graphic statement and a clear structural expression.

Interlocking aluminum diamond-shaped stringers with inlaid maple court-wood treads and risers create the structure of the bleachers. As visitors move on and around the bleachers, the pattern constantly changes, producing an animated quality.

The floor-to-ceiling bark wall - an abstraction of a redwood tree created from real, unrolled, panelized tree bark - references Nike’s home in the Pacific Northwest. After completion, a huge Nike logo was milled into the bark, playing on the custom of carving names into trees.

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Project Details

Architect: STUDIOS Architecture
Contractor: JT Magan & Company Inc.
Creative Director: Michael Spoljaric, Senior Creative Director,
Nike Global Basketball
Project Executive: John Shipman
Project Management: Jeni Reetz, Nike WD+C Brand
Design: Corey Yurkovich and WSDIA
Fabricators: Bark House, Lit, Axiom, Pink Sparrow
Photography: Floto+Warner

Winner of ArchDaily 'Building of the Year 2018' - Interior Architecture