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Nike Tech Pack

Nike Tech Pack

Always inventing and reinventing, Nike introduced its Tech Pack collection for the Fall/Winter 2013. This set included a new take on a sport classic: the fleece jacket. Six of these distinct garments would be showcased for their groundbreaking innovation on a well known material.

To launch their new Tech Pack product series, Nike North America Brand Design engaged us to create environmental rollouts for two NY locations: Moynihan Station and Nike’s downtown flagship store, 21 Mercer. We sought to match this dramatically different take on the fleece jacket with an equally dramatic design to showcase them.

Our solution was based on the concept of a large block that had been segmented and pulled apart, revealing a series of red, illuminated display cases that appear to be suspended in space. Each segment was used to house and elevate the revolutionary pieces on display inside.

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The double-sided cases used for the Moynihan Station experience were an impressive 12’x12’, providing a striking enclosure for the garments. The Mercer Street store installation used smaller 6’x8’cases to accommodate site restrictions.

Overall, the clarity of the design concept and impact of the illuminated cases was so well-received, Nike used the design approach as a template for the rollout of Tech Pack globally.

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Project Details

Moynihan Station, New York
21 Mercer Street Store, New York
Tech Pack at Moynihan: 6,270 sq. ft.
Tech Pack at 21 Mercer: 800 sq. ft.
Creative Direction: Byron Merritt, Nike
Art Direction: Emily Duell & John Moon, Nike
Project Management: LeeAnn Winters, Nike
Design: Corey Yurkovich and WeShouldDoItAll
Event Production: Production Glue and BeCore
Contractor / Fabricator:
Moynihan Station: Atomic
21 Mercer: Errol Andam
Photography: Floto+Warner