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Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

In 2014, the Nike Training Club (NTC) fitness community for women embarked on NTC Week, a tour consisting of three day-long events around the world. With the goal of providing the ultimate training and lifestyle experience, the Los Angeles event, held in Santa Monica, offered workout sessions, product showcases, and nutrition consultations to thousands of participants.

A pathway flanked by a thickened wall greeted visitors upon entry, guiding them through the entry process and orienting them to programming. Embedded with information about registration, check-in, and bag check, the wall could be programmed in a variety of ways to address changing requirements in specific areas. The primary design feature, a mirrored entry funnel and product display, channeled visitors into the main courtyard. The geometry of the tapered threshold was carefully considered to create a feeling of compression on one side and expansion on the other, opening to incorporate the vast ocean view.

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Project Details
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Creative Direction: Byron Merritt, Nike
Art Direction: John Moon, Emily Duell, Nike
Project Management: Alexis Chamberlain, Nike
Design: Corey Yurkovich and WSDIA
Event Production: OBE - On Board Experiential Marketing
Photography: Noah Webb